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Part of the continuing development of the Open Source ecology & ethos for Film Production services is the further enhancement and knowledge of education for coding.Already various education establishments at University and research level are ready to discuss Open Source

Ethical Film Making / Blog

As part of the growth for 2015 Open Source Cinema UK will also be embracing any new approaches to Film Production that include the adoption of more ethical solutions.Examples such as Fairphone, where new technology is sourced, as best it

“OpenFlow” a new development / Blog

New in the development for both open source environments we are creating "OpenFlow", a complete suite of workflow solutions to help make sure open source is at the forefront of Film Production for years to come.OpenFlow will create workflows and

Open Source – 2015 / Blog

For 2015 and onwards we will not only be promoting Open Source Hardware and Software from dedicated suppliers and sources but also developing our own initiatives to create both software and hardware solutions for Film Production.Hardware   :  RoadmapSoftware  

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Open Source Cinema UK is not just about engaging the Open Source Community to the possibilities of Film Production but will take an active approach in establishing new software and hardware that can help deliver those results.We will be creating

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Statement for continuing throughout 2015 with Open Source software and hardware solutions for Film ProductionOpen Source Cinema UK will be taking an open and transparent approach to Digital Film Production and Services. Our  intention is to allow growth and freedom