May 09th 2016 UPDATE

May 09th 2016


We have come a long way since the start of this OS Project and it feels again a good time for an update.

Having now received the very first ever shipped AXIOM beta camera we are delighted to already begin testing and evaluating the sensor and the camera.

We have created some social media presence with Instagram account, YouTube Channel, Twitter and also running a blog through Definition Magazine on the camera updates.

With this in mind we are excited to be approaching the idea of building a Research & Innovation Film Production Lab, initially called Cine Lab, to develop new sensor technology principles, processing techniques and work on entire workflow pipelines, with a naturally heavy bias towards Open Source toolsets for the future development of an entire Production workflow, with both software and hardware being cornerstones to the developments.

In my minds eye the whole principle behind such a project would not only encourage development of our workflows but provide much more accurate overall results. By looking at the workflow for Film shoots and how it could encompass Open Data, Open SDN, GPU and CPU processing and more.

It feels like a very good way to develop workflows for Film Production, and that Open Source for Film Production is but a small key to open that door for future R&I developments.

Warmest regards
Daniel Mulligan

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