OER16 Edinburgh Abstract Application

Please see below our application for the OER Open Education Conference :

OER16 19-20th April 2016. This year our theme is open culture and it is being hosted by University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Innovative approaches to opening up cultural heritage collections for education 

Having researched and examined how Open Source has reached out into many areas of education I was struck by how little education exists for Open Source in tandem with the Film Production community. It seems little has been developed for an entire production workflow from the sensor and how it is used and manipulated, the colour science and the workflow (utilising both software and hardware). 

Examples exist such as ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) providing a free, open source colour and look management architecture. http://www.oscars.org/science-technology/sci-tech-projects/aces through the educational department of the Oscars.org, and has been taken onwards by Universities in the USA, but being such a new subject has as yet to appear as an Academic reference. Thus seeking to further the understanding and appreciation of production processes we can create a diverse array of programs for students, teachers, filmmakers, scholars and institutions to provide unique opportunities for engagement with the principles of Open Source relating to Film Production and by approaching the subject now and introducing education and research with an ethical ethos and approach the belief is that we can educate further those who would like to see Open Source become stronger and a more realistic proposition as it continues to thrive and develop. Learning, teaching and research are all encompassed in the entire pipeline for a production. Open Content, Open Practice, Open Data, Open Access are all elements that can be attributed to Open Source for Film and education. 

The aim is to create free and open technology, and make all the generated knowledge freely available to everyone, encouraging participation along the way. By developing this approach we can create an educational pathway that includes subjects such as open data, open collaboration and open hardware and software. As I can envisage new approaches to Film Education, it is clear that at some intersection Open Source will have a valuable role to play. New emerging fields of research are developing based on Colour Science and Colour Grading, effecting Cinematography. New information in assessing how we develop film for the digital age is changing and Open Source will have a major impact here. 

By teaching new ways of working that would previously be the benefit of a few we can now broaden the education to many more encompassing all this new information. My idea of how to change and introduce a new approach to Film Education is with an Open Source ethos and developing reliable influence testing, scholarships and a new colour science unit. We will be designing, creating and developing OpenFlow as a new suite of workflow and software development tools for the entire film production pipeline. Sensor processing, bayer patten development http://www.ece.ncsu.edu/imaging/Publications/2002/demosaicking-JEI-02.pdf with software development would all be encouraged to teach and educate on how these processes actually work, having a huge impact and why we approach production roles in a certain fashion, creating deeper knowledge and better understanding for future engagement, educationally and professionally. 

In summary it is my belief that Open Source Film Production is an emerging environment effecting education tremendously, is a perfect example of collaboration and education developing in multiple areas for the future and can all be developed with an extremely strong emphasis on education. 

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