Thoughts on Open Source / Blog

Hello,It made sense to just review why this blog is here and to explain our philosophy towards Open Source and its myriad possibilities.Naturally a camera of this sort, with a sensor free to be worked on and all settings to

AXIOM beta, 1st one / Blog

Hello,It is with great pleasure to announce that we have received the very first shipped Early AXIOM Beta hardware kit outside of the core developer team in April 2016.This kit features the final hardware but currently has no enclosure and

May 09th 2016 UPDATE / Blog

May 09th 2016Hello,We have come a long way since the start of this OS Project and it feels again a good time for an update.Having now received the very first ever shipped AXIOM beta camera we are delighted to already

OER16 Edinburgh Abstract Application / Blog

Please see below our application for the OER Open Education Conference :OER16 19-20th April 2016. This year our theme is open culture and it is being hosted by University of Edinburgh, Scotland Innovative approaches to opening up cultural heritage collections for

Current Axiom Development Status / Blog

Current Development Status (Jan. 20th, 2016) Watch this space as we will try to constantly keep it up to date with the most up to date AXIOM Beta development and production information. www.opensourcecinemauk.comThe camera internal webserver is up and running an

Camera shield slots / Blog

ShieldsThe name shields was inspired by the Arduino plugin boards that are also called "shields". The AXIOM Beta sports two shield slots with space for connectors going to both sides of the camera. In contrast to modules the shields in the Beta

PCIe Modules slots / Blog

ModulesThe AXIOM Beta has two high speed module slots with PCIe connectors (these are not really PCIe cards, we just utilize PCIe for the connectors). Each module has a total bandwidth to/from the main processing FPGA of at least 6

Camera Beta Modularity – / Blog

PCB StackThe general approach for creating the AXIOM Beta hardware and PCB stack design was to give every board a clear core purpose and not just pack as many things onto each board as possible just because there was space

AXIOM Ecosystem / Blog

IntroductionThe ecosystem of the AXIOM Modular Cinema Cameras acts as a hub to actively communicate that individual services and developments are welcome. It stimulates future developments around the cameras (as well as related services) and to offer an early communication-platform
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